Top Nine Must Have Prayer Journal Tools

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Ever wonder what it takes to start a prayer journal? Check out this post for all the details about the best prayer journal tools.
I get a ton of Emails from readers who want to know two things: the first is HOW to keep a prayer journal and the second is WHAT are my favorite prayer journal tools.

I already posted the HOW–you can read about that HERE.

“What are my favorite tools for prayer journaling?”

For some reason, I have been having trouble answering the second question. I think it’s because there is nothing particularly fancy or special about the tools I choose. I mostly just use whatever I have around the house.

I have written a lot about my journey to be more like Mary and less like Martha. I tend to over complicate projects and make them more difficult and intricate and detailed…and then I lose sight of the WHY.

Keeping a prayer journal has changed the way I pray for people and has brought be closer to God than I could have ever imagined was possible.

It doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated. 

Putting pen to paper in an intentional act of worship and confession is not something that needs an expensive notebook. But if you want to have a $20 notebook…then by all means–have one! Most likely the quality is going to be better and therefore it will last longer–at least that is how I justify it! Haha!

But just know that you don’t need any money to start a prayer journal. Go to your junk drawer and pull out an old composition  notebook, tear out all the used pages, and then you’ll be all set.

OK–for those of you who really want to know my favorite prayer journal tools–I’ve included the Amazon links for your convenience; just click on the picture to be taken to the site. (They are affiliate links–read more about that here.)

My Favorite Prayer Journal Tools:

This is the notebook that I previously used for prayer journaling, but then it became more of a bullet journal that I kept in my purse for meetings and stuff like that.  I like the size and how it stays open to make it easy to write on both sides of the paper. I’m laughing because Amazon says it is a “personal journal with ‘hipster icon'” I guess an anchor is a hipster icon. Haha!


The Molskine Journal is probably one you’ve heard of before–everyone in the Bullet Journal World is OBSESSED with them. I get it, there is something very charming about the simplicity and amazing quality of these notebooks.

I am such an office supply nerd–so I literally am giddy over graph paper journals. This one has been in my Amazon cart for a while. It has a rounded spine which means it’s going to STAY OPEN by itself–which is a must in prayer journaling. How annoying if your journal keeps snapping shut every time you let go of it.


ESV Study Bible–so handy for taking what you read in the Bible to the next level. ESV is my favorite version–but I also use the Internet to look up other versions and interpretations of scripture.


Sharpie Pens–these are my favorites by far! They say they don’t bleed though, and for the most part that’s true. Although, if you’re using a composition notebook or basic notebook paper, you’ll notice some bleeding. Oh and definitely don’t use these in your Bible unless it’s a journaling Bible with thicker pages.

Although I love to look at other people’s creations in their Journaling Bibles, I’m not much into the Illustrated Faith or Bible Journal movement–not my gift. With that I said, I still like to mark up my Bible with pens and highlighters. So I have got to have a highlighter that won’t bleed through the pages of my Bible. These are so good! They don’t smear or bleed…and the colors and a bit more dulled and not quite so NEON–which I actually like.

Along the same line as the non-bleed highlighters–a pen that doesn’t seep through the pages of my Bible is a must! Most of the time you’re safe with a ballpoint pen, but not always! Some of those can even be seen through the pages. This is the only pen that I can count on each and every time. I only have one–but I really want to get this value pack soon!


Post-It tabs–these are really handy for keeping track of the different sections in your Prayer Journal. Also, the smaller ones are great for marking specific scriptures in your Bible. I especially love these because you can write on them.


A pen holder that clips to the cover of your notebook or journal–that way you’ll never be without your favorite writing utensil. I like this one because it’s snug, but not too tight, so your pen will slip in pretty easily, but it won’t fall out. I would also only recommend this one to you if you have a thicker cover on your journal. If you are using the Molskine or one like it–or even a basic notebook, your cover might be too thin to hold it in place. Not to fear, they also make rubber band-style pen holders. (Check them out here) I haven’t used these before, so I don’t know how good they are, but the idea seems perfect.



I’m pretty sure I hit all the important prayer journal tools with this list. Leave a comment below if you see something that is missing from the list. I can’t wait to hear how you’re utilizing these items–and others–in your prayer journal journey.

Ever wonder what it takes to start a prayer journal? Check out this post for all the details about the best prayer journal tools.


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