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Seriously...the best parenting guide ever. And you probably already have it in your house! Plus a FREE DOWNLOAD!

If you’re like me, then you often find yourself saying the same thing all day long.
Get off that…
Stop doing that…Don’t touch that…Don’t say that…Come here!

You get the point.

I go through spurts of following parenting books and trying all of the different methods. But I’ve never been very good on the follow through and I am a sucker for second chances. I don’t mean to come off as wishy-washy, but I think my “trying-all-the methods” method is really confusing my kids.

What I realized recently during my prayer time, is that I’ve been ignoring the most obvious parenting book out there.

The Bible.

Duh, Ally!

I turn to scripture for pretty much everything else in my life, but I have yet to seek guidance for parenting. So I’m making a change. And I have a plan.

A simple and easy to follow plan.

Reasons to use the Bible to Correct Your Children—

  1. Scripture points them to the law of Christ, not just our rules.
  2. Scripture speaks to their hearts, not just their behaviors.
  3. Scripture imparts grace & kindness, not condemnation.

(I copied these three points in my journal a while back, and I didn’t note where they came from. I’m 99% sure I did not write them. After a brief search for the author, I gave up—I’d love to give credit where it is due, so if you wrote this or you know who did–please let me know!)

The Plan-

I’m going to take my children’s most common misbehavior

and assign a scripture to them. A Biblical truth, people! How can they argue with that? I will post them up in the kitchen where everyone can see them. (As a bonus—we’ll all have these scriptures memorized in no time!)

I will also have a consequence assigned to each of these behaviors that require correction so that there is no waffling on my part.

The kids will know—“when I do X, then Y will happen.”

And for that matter, I will know, too!

Seriously...the best parenting guide ever. And you probably already have it in your house! Plus--a FREE DOWNLOAD!!

The Consequences-

The consequences will range from reciting a verse to an hour in bedroom and a loss of privileges. I hesitate to put anything concrete here because different punishments work with different kids. Also, if they continue to make the same bad decision over and over again—the punishment should get more serious, right?

So obviously I have some more praying to do on this subject, but I figured this would be a good start. Instead of telling the kids that I don’t like something, I can point them to the Bible for proof.

Behaviors that require correction:

  • Disobeying & defiance
  • Arguing
  • Complaining
  • Being unkind (excluding others, saying mean things, hitting)
  • Telling lies
  • Not sharing
  • Ungratefulness

Here is what I came up with as a starting point.

Family expecations and consequences--using the Bible for correction.

Click here to get your free copy of these expectations and consequences.

Let me know how it’s working for your family!


  1. Sarah | Happy + Healthy Taste Buds says:

    Hi Ally, I just found your blog via Pinterest & really enjoyed this post. Thank you!

    Definitely, basing your training on the Word of God is a good strategy. He promises that His Word will not return to Him void, so trust that it will be effectual in the lives of your children!! I pray you are able to follow through with it each time… consistency is key. 😉

    I found a similar set of 3 Scriptures/principles on the “Intoxicated on Life” blog. If you search “3 Bible Verses You Should Be Using to Correct Your Kids,” you should be able to find the post. 😉

    Thanks again… pinning! 😉

  2. Krystal Sadler says:

    Yes, yes, and yes!! I have three go-to scriptures that we have ALL memorized and I reference one in almost every misbehavior issue. Col. 3:23, Gal. 5:22-23, and Phil. 2:3. I have a post on it, so I won’t ramble. haha BUT I think the three points you mentioned in your post might be from the book Shepherding a Child’s Heart??? It sounds like common themes from that book. Maybe you were reading it at the time and jotted down takeaways in your journal.

  3. Amy Hagerup says:

    Hi Ally, I found your blog via pinterest. So happy to meet another sister in the Lord. I love your post on parenting using the Bible. I love how you direct the readers to really pursue the Bible for correction of their kids. My kids are grown now and we have grandkids and I am so thrilled that my kids are teaching them to know and obey the Word. Great to meet you.
    Amy Hagerup recently posted…How Sabbath-Keeping is Like Jumping Off a Speeding TrainMy Profile

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