Ultimate Gift Guide for Boys of ALL Ages

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Gift Guide for Boys of all Ages


Birthday or Christmas–this gift guide will give you ideas for boys of all ages. Take it from a mom of 3 boys–I know what I’m talking about. I’m always on the lookout for something a little different to get for my boys. I have zero interest in filling up a toybox with more junk.

These are the toys that will last–the ones that the kids will always come back to.

Here’s what I did–I picked out 10 gifts in each age range and then I asked my boys what they liked best. After that, I picked what I liked the most and would potentially purchase for the boys. I included a link to each item and listed the price as well. Keep in mind, I’m listing the price as of the day of this post–but we all know Amazon likes to change prices on us.

(Just for your info, I placed an asterisk (*) next to the items that we own.)

Ok–let’s get started!

The ultimate boy mom gift guide. Gift ideas for boys of all ages. Christmas or birthday--you'll find the gift you're looking for. Baby, toddler, elementary, tweens and teens.

Gifts Ideas for Baby Boys (0-2 y/o)

Boys Pick: They obviously picked the food truck toy–I think that’s just because it’s the most obvious TOY for this age group. But it is so cute and I could see this lasting a long time because I could totally picture my 5 and 6 year old playing with this toy.

My Pick: If I’m buying for this age group and I want to get the most bang for my buck–I’m getting the Cozy Coupe. Seriously guys–we still have three of these in our garage at this very moment.



Gifts Ideas for Little Boys (2-4 y/o)

Boys Pick: They picked all of the wooden toys–the train, the cash register, and the car carrier. I’m not at all surprised,  we’ve had these toys for years and they are still favorites.

My Pick: This age group is hard for me to choose–I love all of these toys! But the Chicco Balance bike is literally the best thing ever! My two youngest kids were riding a real bike (no training wheels, ever) by the time they were 3 years old. I take no credit for it–it’s all because they had this balance bike! After my two crazy boys were done with this bike, we passed it on to a friend. It has held up awesome!


Gifts Ideas for Little Boys (5-7 y/o)

Boys Pick: All three of my boys picked the marble roller! I mean….it is pretty amazing, so I’m not surprised. We do not actually own this, but the church has it, and all of the kids have played with it a lot. This is probably what my middle son is getting for Christmas this year.  The Power Wheels Wild Thing did get an honorable mention too…but the marble run is where it’s at!

My Pick: If I’m not going with the marble run, I would definitely choose the Kiwi Crate subscription box. We have had these boxes at various times and the kids LOVE getting them. Who doesn’t like getting mail!? The items inside never disappoint either–typically they are things you don’t find at Target–more like boutique brands.


Gifts Ideas for Big Boys (8-10 y/o)

Boys Pick: Oddly enough, they all three chose the money safe/bank. Which means I am probably going to be picking 3 of these up for Christmas this year!

My Pick: Hands down–the Razor Flashrider 360! This bike is such a hit with all the kids. You get going really fast, pull the level, and watch the sparks (literally) fly while you spin in a circle. It is so neat!

1. Geek Box Kids Subscription Box ($22.95–use my link to save $5 instantly!) | 2. *Hex Bug Spider ($24) | 3. Money Safe Bank ($19) | 4. ThinkFun Rollercoaster Challenge & Building Game ($30) | 5. Minecraft Exploding Creeper ($18) | 6. Rory’s Story Cubes ($7) | 7. *The Boys Book of Survival ($8) | 8. Meccano-Erector Meccanoid Robot ($79) | 9. Lego Chain Reactions Kit ($18) | 10. *Razor FlashRider 360 ($69)


Gifts Ideas for Big Boys (Pre-Teen)

Boys Pick: They all picked the laser tag. It would be perfect for our house as we have a large basement that gets really dark when the lights are off. But I think I want to wait a few years until we get something like this–simply because I think older boys might take better care of an expensive toy like this.

My Pick: If I had a preteen today, I’d buy him the Fitbit–hands down. I’m actually tempted to get one for my 9 year old for Christmas this year. What a great way to encourage movement in kids!


Gifts Ideas for Big Boys (Teens)

Boys Pick: They all pointed to the guitar right away. I agree–the guitar is awesome and the fact that it comes with the amp and all of those other little tools is just so neat.

My Pick: My choice is Spikeball!  Ryan played Spikeball for the first time this summer and everyone was intrigued! The kids even talked about it later! I love this game because it’s something that adults and children can play together and both enjoy!

1. Jumbo Sequence ($49) | 2. My Geek Box Subscription ($22.99/month–use my link to save $5 instantly!) | 3. The Hobbit & Lord of the Rings Series ($25) | 4. Scosche Car SuperCharge Port ($12) | 5. How to Survive Anything Book ($17) | 6. GoPro Hero 5 ($399) | 7. Waterproof Shower Blue Tooth Speaker ($20) | 8. Fender Guitar & Amp ($180) | 9. SENSO Bluetooth Wireless Headphones ($30) | 10. Spikeball ($60)


The ultimate boy mom gift guide. Gift ideas for boys of all ages. Christmas or birthday--you'll find the gift you're looking for. Baby, toddler, elementary, tweens and teens.

So what are you getting for the boys in your life this year?

Leave me a comment and let me know if I need to add something to my list.


  1. Kori says:

    Um…this is simply incredible!! I have 6 nieces, 1 daughter, and finally in the last couple of years 2 nephews!! I don’t have a clue how to shop for boys after having all these lovely little ladies to shop for! Thanks so much for the awesome lists!!!!!

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