Ultimate Gift Guide for Boys of ALL Ages

Gift Guide for Boys of all Ages


Birthday or Christmas–this gift guide will give you ideas for boys of all ages. Take it from a mom of 3 boys–I know what I’m talking about. I’m always on the lookout for something a little different to get for my boys. I have zero interest in filling up a toybox with more junk.

These are the toys that will last–the ones that the kids will always come back to.

Here’s what I did–I picked out 10 gifts in each age range and then I asked my boys what they liked best. After that, I picked what I liked the most and would potentially purchase for the boys. I included a link to each item and listed the price as well. Keep in mind, I’m listing the price as of the day of this post–but we all know Amazon likes to change prices on us.

(Just for your info, I placed an asterisk (*) next to the items that we own.)

Ok–let’s get started!

The ultimate boy mom gift guide. Gift ideas for boys of all ages. Christmas or birthday--you'll find the gift you're looking for. Baby, toddler, elementary, tweens and teens.

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8 Scriptures Every Wife Needs to Circle in Her Bible

Every wife needs to circle these scriptures in her Bible today!

Using Scripture to Replace Negative Feelings with God’s Truth

I have a lot of FEELINGS when it comes to being a wife. I basically run on full emotion—ask me how I’m doing, and I’ll tell you how I FEEL.

I am very in touch with me FEELINGS…just ask my husband! Hah!

Feelings aren’t bad—that’s not what I’m saying. I am just trying to make a conscious effort to sit in my ‘feelings’ bubble less often.

I would like to find my worth and my value in Truth.

Truth is a lot less fleeting than emotions.

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8 Verses to Conquer Anxiety & Depression

8 Bible verses that will battle depression and anxiety.

Ugh! Anxiety.

Like most of my emotions, anxiety comes in seasons. It comes in waves—suddenly there and then suddenly gone, but the in-between moments are fierce and intense and just when I think I’m going to catch my breath, I get pulled under again.

Like a dark tunnel—when you know at any moment you’ll see the light, so you just keep charging forward.

I say to myself, “just don’t stop…don’t get stuck.”

It’s in those dark times—the pulled-under times—that you desperately need the Light, the Breath.

I don’t mean to gloss over the pain of anxiety with pretty language or generic comparisons.

But it’s the only way to explain to people who don’t understand anxiety what it’s like to feel constantly overwhelmed.

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12 Scriptures Every Mom Needs to Circle in Her Bible

Why I Circle Scriptures:

One of my favorite things to do during my quiet time is flip through my Bible and see what stands out to me. Sometimes it’s a doodle, a bright pink highlighted verse, a scribble left by a child or a crinkled page. But most of the time it’s the scriptures that I have drawn circles around that makes me pause, read and ponder.

I have written before about how I write out my scriptures in an effort to battle depression. This is a similar practice that has brought powerful change to my walk with Christ.

12 powerful scriptures that every single mom needs to circle in their Bible. Also, get the free printable to tuck into your Bible or prayer journal.

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War Room Prayers to Pray Over Your Marriage

War room prayers for protection over your marriage. Plus download the free prayer cards!

Taking My Marriage to the War Room:

One thing I have learned after 13 years of marriage is that prayer is NOT the last resort–it is the first line of defense against any attack. This is especially true in regards to marriage.

The enemy will find any crack in your marriage in order to weasel his way into your relationship. He is slimy and full of darkness.

But our most powerful weapon against that little jerk is always prayer.

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7 Bible Studies Perfect for New Believers

Check out this list of Bible study books for small groups. 7 studies to choose from--perfect for new believers.The Study You Choose is Really Important

Over the past few years, I have been lucky enough to be involved in many small groups. I am an extrovert, so anytime I get a chance to break open the Word with friends–I don’t hesitate to join.

What I have learned is that the study that you choose can make or break the group–especially when some or all of the participants are new believers.

In my experience, you don’t want to choose a study or book that is too complicated or in-depth. Of course, that isn’t always true–some new believers want to dive right into the deep end of Bible study.

Consider some of these foundational topics:

  • Introduction to prayer
  • Armor of God from Ephesians 6
  • Discipleship
  • Christian marriage
  • Christian parenting
  • Finding your purpose in Christ

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