Correcting Bad Behavior Using the Bible–FREE DOWNLOAD!

Seriously...the best parenting guide ever. And you probably already have it in your house! Plus a FREE DOWNLOAD!

If you’re like me, then you often find yourself saying the same thing all day long.
Get off that…
Stop doing that…Don’t touch that…Don’t say that…Come here!

You get the point.

I go through spurts of following parenting books and trying all of the different methods. But I’ve never been very good on the follow through and I am a sucker for second chances. I don’t mean to come off as wishy-washy, but I think my “trying-all-the methods” method is really confusing my kids.

What I realized recently during my prayer time, is that I’ve been ignoring the most obvious parenting book out there.

The Bible.

Duh, Ally!

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God Will Fight For You: 7 Verses about Strength

7 powerful scriptures (verses) about strength.

He’ll fight for me?!

I have always struggled with the idea that God would fight for me.

I try to fix problems myself before ever handing them over to Him. As if my strength is so much greater than that of Jesus Christ?

My logical brain knows that is ridiculous and if I just gave—even the smallest problem—to God, then He would determine my steps.

You see, Jesus doesn’t always just *poof* fix our problems for us; most of the time He will lay out the path for us to take. He’ll open certain doors that we’re supposed to go through, and close the ones we’re not.

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How to Deal with Grown-Up Mean Girls

How to deal with grown-up mean girls with grace and kindness.

Just Grow Up Already, Mean Girls!

Whenever I am around adults who are being mean girls and having drama I just want to yell, “grow up!” But I try to resist that urge because when it’s me having the drama, I don’t want someone to yell that at me! Ha!

Somewhere along the line, we got it in our heads that being  a “mean girl” was only a teenage problem. But if you have spent any time around large groups of adult women, you have probably come to realize that the “mean girl” epidemic isn’t just a high school problem.

I would venture to say the problems are little bit different and are mostly centered around gossip and comparison. 

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Homeschool Doubts

Every have doubts about your call to homeschool? Me too!

Our Homeschool Bubble-

The town that my family and I currently live in is awesomely supportive of homeschool families. If you’re looking to supplement your homeschool curriculum with other activities; they have everything you could ever want from a community!

There are multiple co-ops to choose from, MOPS groups that meet during the day, museums that offer daytime classes, sports teams, and even our Bible study offers a free homeschool class so that moms can still participate in the study.

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15 Prayer Journal Prompts to Strengthen Your Marriage

15 Prayer Journal Prompts to make your marriage stronger than ever!

I’m guest posting over on today and I’m sharing 15 Prayer Journal Prompts to Strengthen Your Marriage.

You guys! I’m about half way through this 15 day experiment and I’ve noticed a huge difference in my marriage. I feel more loving and gentle than before. I’m working hard to understand the biblical traits of a successful marriage and it’s changing my life–for real!

Join me, please?

This post started as an entry in my journal and I couldn’t keep it to myself.

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A Lesson in Surrender

When life is really hard and you can't stand on your own-lean on Jesus. Count on Christ when you are broken, He will hold you up and make your steps secure.

How to Stand When You Are Nearly Broken

This morning in church, I was sitting a few rows behind a young mom and her teenage daughter. (I didn’t know either one of them so my assumptions about them are without real knowledge of the facts.)

The teenager was probably around 18 years old and the mom couldn’t have been any older than 35; which would have made her, at one time, a teen mom.

During each worship song, the two women stood together and the mom held her daughter in a tight embrace. As if she were a crutch for her daughter—an actual living crutch.

It was clear to me that something traumatic was going on in this young woman’s life. Of course, that is just speculation on my part.

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